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The most often used chatting app available on the play store is Whatsapp. Whatsapp, used for chatting and contacting an individual or even a group as well. It also allows you to put statuses. It is not only used by ordinary people but also by companies or businesses for professional use. In short, it is the most used app available on the Play Store.

YoWhatsapp or YoWA

Over the past few months, another app named as Yowhatsapp or YoWA is getting famous. Yowhatsapp is the latest version or only the best version of Whatsapp. Yousef Al-Basha, who called it YoWA, developed this Mod. YoWA contains all the latest and cool features that are even lacking in Whatsapp. In just a short interval of time, YoWhatsapp spread all over the world with millions of Andriod users. This app updates and fixes bugs within no time. That is one of the reasons why people love this app. Even Whatsapp GB or Whatsapp Plus users shifted towards the YoWA app.

YoWhatsapp YoWA

Is YoWA available for Andriod User?

The YoWA, known as YoWhatsapp, is not available on the play store, but Andriod users can download and install it manually by permitting the third-party download. Millions of android users already installed this app and are loving it. Day by day, the search for YoWhatsapp is increasing. People love it because of its super advanced features.

Is YoWA available on iOS?

Unfortunately, in contrast to Andriod users, iOS has strict security, and it is not possible to download the third party file on iOS. So, YoWA is not yet available for iOS users and might never will.

Fouad YoWhatsapp or Fouad YoWA

Yousef Al-Basha, the original developers of this Mod, discontinued the development of YoWA. But there is no need to get worried as Fouad developers have purchased the rights of this Mod from Yousef developers. Any updates for YoWA will be from Fouad developers now. This app will now be known as Fouad YoWA or Fouad YoWhatsapp. So, the good news is that YoWA users will continue to witness the latest and cool features.

Why YoWhatsapp?

YoWhatsapp YoWA

So, the central question of why we should use YoWA? To answer this question, let’s see what the main features that have shifted users towards YoWhatsapp are. The following is the list of some of the main features of YoWA:

  • YoThemes Store
  • Attractive UI
  • Background Homescreen
  • 7 App icons available
  • Call Block
  • Your picture in conversation Inside/Outside
  • Coloured Participants name
  • Hide Message seen
  • Tick Styles
  • Outside bubble contact picture
  • Unread message text colour
  • Hide media
  • Hide dividers
  • Default app lock
  • Disable vibration in a pattern
  • Remove custom privacy for a contact
  • Disable notification while playing voice notes
  • Custom hide name for a connection or group
  • Bluetick after reply
  • Hide person name
  • New Whatsapp emoji and designs
  • Recovery questions for forgotten PIN/Pattern
  • Anti-Delete Messages
  • Copy story Text
  • Hide status
  • Font styles
  • GIFs up to 30 seconds
  • Disable Calls
  • Zoom in or out of theme screenshots
  • Color Page Title
  • Delete conversation media when deleting chat
  • Fingerprint lock per chat
  • Send any file from the file manager
  • Pinup to 1000 chats
  • Show or Hide pattern drawing a path
  • Allow Tick or 3D Bubbles
  • Emoji Changer variant

The above and many more are the features due to which people prefer to use YoWA instead of any other Whatsapp Mod available. Hopefully, the answer to why Yowhatsapp is evident by the above features and characteristics.

How to download and install YoWhatsapp YoWA?

Many of you may already know how to install third-party applications. As YoWhatsapp is against policies, so it is not available on the Play Store. You have to download it manually. For manual download, you can search YoWhatsapp YoWA download on google. The list of websites will appear from which you can download it. After the download is complete next step is to install it.

To install the apk downloaded file:

  • Find the apk file from the download folder.
  • Open the apk file.
  • Tap the install button. You have to allow third-party install for this first.

How to download and install YoWhatsapp YoWA?

  • After completion of the install process, click open.

How to download and install YoWhatsapp YoWA?

  • Select the country and add a phone number to get the code and click next.

How to download and install YoWhatsapp YoWA?

  • Enter the OTP code received on the entered phone number to complete the verification.

How to download and install YoWhatsapp YoWA?

  • If you used old Whatsapp number then a backup option will appear. Click Restore to get the data back.

How to download and install YoWhatsapp YoWA?

  • In the end, set a profile picture and name.

How to download and install YoWhatsapp YoWA?

  • That’s it you are ready to use YoWhatsapp YoWA.
How to restore Offical Whatsapp chat to YoWhatsapp?

The people who are using the official Whatsapp app worry that they have a lot of important chat on official Whatsapp. They hesitate to switch to YoWhatsapp YoWA. For them, let us tell you that don’t worry about all the essential data you have on official Whatsapp you can restore that on YoWhatsapp very quickly.

To restore data to YoWhatsapp:

  • Open the official Whatsapp and open setting from three dots on the top right corner.

How to restore Offical Whatsapp chat to YoWhatsapp?

  • Select Chats option.

How to restore Offical Whatsapp chat to YoWhatsapp?

  • In chats, go to the chat backup option.

How to restore Offical Whatsapp chat to YoWhatsapp?

  • Click on the green backup button.

How to restore Offical Whatsapp chat to YoWhatsapp?

  • After the data, backed up uninstall the Whatsapp.
  • Install the YoWhatsapp YoWA, as explained above.
  • Enter the same phone number as on old Whatsapp.
  • Restore the data by clicking on the Restore button.

How to download and install YoWhatsapp YoWA?

  • YAhoo!!! All your data, restored. Enjoy.


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