WhatsApp Upcoming Features 2020

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WhatsApp is a free application for Android and iPhone. It is owned by Facebook which allows users to send text and voice messages, documents, user locations and other media along with group/individual voice and video calls. Although many new features are included in its last update but the current beta testing shows that some exciting new features are expected to come soon in further updates. Let’s have a look at some upcoming features and their details.

1. Multi-Device Support:

The recent beta testing showed that WhatsApp is working on multi-device support which will allow 4 devices to work on a single account. It means that the user will have the same WhatsApp account working on up to 4 devices. It is convenient for those users who have only one data sim or who want to run same account on multiple phones because it facilities them not to buy separate data sim for their other phone.

2. Separately Delete Large Files:

WhatsApp is now working on storage which means that you can now delete large files from a particular chat to free storage rather than deleting the whole chat. In current versions, large files need to be deleted separately using manual ways. But in this feature, large files are shown separately which will enable the user to delete it without using any manual ways or deleting the whole chat. This feature is useful for those users which have fixed storage because it enables them to free storage easily.

3. Messaging from Messenger and Instagram to WhatsApp:

In this feature, you can directly message someone to their WhatsApp number from Facebook Messenger and Instagram without having number of that person. The most important thing is to see how WhatsApp control spamming in this feature because user may receive many unknown and fake messages from Messenger and Instagram. Currently, you can block someone’s number on WhatsApp but Facebook and Instagram accounts are mostly number free, and let’s see how WhatsApp will handle this issue.

4. Annotation Editing:

This feature is expected to come soon (most probably in the next update) as compared to other features. Currently, when you send a picture to someone using WhatsApp and want to write text on it, it is difficult for you to align text but now WhatsApp is working on this feature to give you figure alignment through which you can easily align your text.

5. Vacation Mode:

This feature is useful for WhatsApp business account users to get rid of unwanted notifications and messages. In this feature, only priority chats are showed. One example of this feature is that if you didn’t reply to someone for some period (say two months) according to the frequency set by you, you cannot receive message notification from that person. If you don’t want to block and don’t want to receive notifications from someone at the same time then this feature will be useful for you to get rid of unwanted notifications.

These are some exciting features which are expected to come soon. If you have something to say about these features, do reply in a comment section to share your views.

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