Whatsapp New Policy Updates

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Whatsapp New Policy Updates

Whatsapp has announced its new privacy policy updates, and you have seen pop on your phone when using WhatsApp, and you may have already allowed the new privacy policy. Since WhatsApp asks its users to approve a revised privacy policy that would share all of their data with Facebook starting today, users are voicing concern. This unique warning has once again sounded an alert among consumers about the protection of their data in the social media giant’s hands. WhatsApp has already sent ultimatum-like pop-up notifications to users telling them to follow the latest privacy rules, or they will face losing their accounts.

What are the updates?

WhatsApp confirmed in the notice that it is updating its terms and privacy policies. Users must agree on the terms and conditions to keep using their WhatsApp account. Also, WhatsApp said in the notification that it does not store messages once they have been delivered, especially when they are encrypted end-to-end, and third parties can not read them. WhatsApp will now share the data with Facebook, according to the message, as Facebook is WhatsApp’s parent company.

Permission to access data

There is shocking stuff that you need to know about. It’s the first time that such apps need approval at this level of data access, and often they all do so to boost user interface or similar claims. Whatsapp new policy updates are asking following data access:

  • Contacts Details
  • Photos
  • Camera
  • Microphone
  • Profile Photo
  • Location
  • Demographics
  • Battery Status
  • Signal Strength
  • Wifi Router information and Connected User
The policy clearly states that, in countries where the Whatsapp payment system operates, they will exchange this information with third parties and market the information.   There will be ads too on Whatsapp in the future.
Is your data safe?

Once you have approved the privacy policy, details such as your phone number, contacts, and WhatsApp status will now be given access from WhatsApp to Facebook. However, you have no other choice than to uninstall your WhatsApp account if you do not like this scenario.

WhatsApp attracted many customers after its launch in 2009 to provide free services. It also said that no messages or information would be exchanged with anyone. And this data archive with millions of WhatsApp individuals can boost the company of Facebook. If you agree with the policies of WhatApp, you also agree to share with Facebook all your personal and professional data, including likes, dislikes, financial data, emails, contacts, and all.

All about Business

The entire thing is about business. As all these WhatsApp data would go to Facebook, Facebook will get huge profit from this. A variety of businesses such as Facebook have developed huge data centers to store millions of people’s data. If Facebook shares this data with other businesses, they will profit tremendously. Facebook is no stranger to claims of breaching the privacy of customers, concerns that have cost the company billions in penalties and fueled consumer mistrust.

What are the Alternatives of Whatsapp
After the new policy updates by Whatsapp, people are looking for alternatives to this app. Many people are using and also recommended to use the following apps as an alternative to Whatsapp.
  1. Signal.
  2. Telegram.
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