Whatsapp issued a statement regarding privacy concerns

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Whatsapp issued a statement regarding privacy concerns


Because of the privacy concerns surrounding WhatsApp’s new terms and conditions, the company issued a statement on 8 January stating that the update would not affect the data-sharing policies of WhatsApp with Facebook. WhatsApp added in its statement to minimize user fears that the new update does not change how people communicate personally with friends or relatives anywhere they are in the world.

A representative told The Quint that the modifications apply to a customer’s contact with organizations working on WhatsApp and its details with the business accounts. With end-to-end encryption, we can not see your private chats or calls, and neither can Facebook, WhatsApp Head Will Cathcart said in a series of tweets on 9 January. We are committed to this technology and are committed to defending it worldwide, he said.

People Concerns


With the latest Whatsapp Privacy Policy change, questions have arisen among users about sacrificing their app privacy and exchanging data with Facebook and third-party firms. Several Twitter netizens have also encouraged users to move to a safer solution like Signal or Telegram applications. WhatsApp revised its Terms of Services and Privacy Policies on Tuesday, 5 January, and began sending in-app updates to its users, reminding them of the move. On 8 February 2021, the revised terms and privacy policies will come into force.

According to the latest update, WhatsApp users will not be allowed to send or receive messages after 8 February until they approve the revised terms and conditions. The Facebook-owned corporation released a new statement to explain its stance on the new updates in the aftermath of the concerns.


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The account will not be deleted


A WhatsApp spokeswoman told The Quint that she would not remove a user’s account after 8 February if she did not approve the latest upgrade. Instead, the user will not send or receive messages, and the account will be disabled until the update is accepted.


Latest public announcement

WhatsApp aims to make it easy for users to make an order and get support from a business directly on WhatsApp, as we reported in October. Although most users use WhatsApp to communicate with friends and families, individuals are now gradually reaching out to businesses. We revised the privacy policy to explain why potential businesses may opt to access safe hosting services from our parent company, Facebook, to better handle their communication with their customers on WhatsApp to improve accountability further. Of course, it is up to the consumer whether they wish to connect with a business on WhatsApp.

User Data is safe


WhatsApp informed its customers that the update would not change data sharing policies and would not influence one-to-one contact while talking about privacy policy updates. The update does not modify the data-sharing policies of WhatsApp with Facebook. It does not influence how individuals communicate with friends or families anywhere they are in the world privately. WhatsApp is strongly committed to maintaining the privacy of users.



“We are communicating directly with users about these changes through WhatsApp, so they have time over the next month to review the new policy,” the statement said. Also, Cathcart clarified on Twitter that the organization is “committed to providing private communication” protected by end-to-end encryption, and “that doesn’t change.”

This update outlines business coordination and does not modify WhatsApp’s data sharing activities with Facebook. We must be transparent. Cathcart tweeted that it should not change how individuals communicate personally with friends or families anywhere they are in the world.


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