The Platform (2020)- Movie review and Film summary

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Movie: The Platform

Hi, the review and summary of the film ‘The Platform’ is written in such a way that you get the idea about the movie without having any spoilers.

1. Review of the movie: The Platform

Apparently the idea of ​​this film ‘The Platform’ was very simple. People consisting of three classes:

  1. Upper-class
  2. middle class
  3. Poor class

The poor class would be more appropriate to say deprived. The communist government was thinking best for its people and was providing luxury to them. But the biggest problem of the lower class was the basic necessities of life. The government has no idea about the condition of lower-class people. So the lower class decided to send a message to the people above them. After a lot of hard work, dedication, and sacrifices, they sent their best and sincere representative to the top government so that they could do something for them.

But if you look at this film ‘The Platform’, you will think, it is a journey. Man’s journey in the world. A physical journey, conscious journey, and spiritual journey. How he progresses step by step!

Another Review of Movie- The Platform

Upper-class people should also think about lower-class people. Earth can become a better place for living, if if everyone and gets the basic necessities lives a happy life.

The Rain by William Henry Davies

W.H Davies also explains the same concept in his poem “The Rain” as described in this stanza.

He called lower leaves poor and they get what is left behind the top (rich) leaves. As similar in the movie “The Platform”. Those people who live in the lower level get only what upper-level people left behind.

Islam beautifully explains this thing that rich people should pay Zakat and Khums to poor people. The part of rich wealth is for the poor. And Allah tests people by giving and taking wealth as they praise and do patience.

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Comment and Explanation of the movie: The Platform

When Goreng (main character) opened his eyes on the first day in the cell that has a total of 333 levels. He brought a book with him. A book which is a symbol of knowledge that has been entrusted to man. 

The second entity that came into her life after that was a woman who could be a mother and a teacher or any sincere person. Who trained in the early days of man. That woman came with a dog, the dog is a symbol of loyalty. who sacrificed himself for the sake of Goreng. In between another woman came,  who was looking for her child. It can be considered a need, deception, or seduction. This woman could be a symbol of conscience, heart, or soul that she wanted to be.

The man who came after him came in the form of a companion and protector. Now it was a symbol to choose, an African for this role. Often these people are interpreted as slavery. On the other hand, the world also appreciates their intelligence. I also found this character to be a symbol of religion. 

The mind of an innocent child who has curiosity and hunger. The hunger of the stomach, the hunger to get everything. When the hunger is gone, he loses everything-left in ignorance. The same mind was teaching him to look and examine things. Sometimes he looks above himself and wonders, sometimes he looks below himself, then he is upset. Neither can he go to the top in one leap nor jump to the bottom. There, Goreng found a girl hidden in the corner and came up with the idea to give her that gift. A unique idea that paved the way, a great sacrifice that was accepted. An unselfish act that led to the destination.


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