TENET 2020 (Christopher Nolan)- Review & Summary

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The term TENET (2020) is used to describe the greatest principle of a paradigm. Tenet movie is a new mind-blowing cinema masterpiece by the living legend of a Christopher Nolan.

TENET (2020) by Christopher Nolan

I almost understood the interstellar movie after watching it twice, and I have to watch it three times to understand this movie. The story of Tenet is tainted with the complex concept of entropy and inverted time, and the concept is so overloaded in the story that your mind shifts from the pleasure of watching movies to solving the mystery paradox. On this basis, the movie is lighter than Interstellar, but in its vicious circle, it is ahead of Interstellar and Inception. Must watch the movie and I will watch it a second time too because the idea of ​​being inverted has kept my mind spinning so I will definitely enjoy it a lot the next time I watch it.

There are many twists in the film (tenet), and even in the closing dialogues, the story gets twisted. The background music is very well composed but often so loud that the dialogues do not play. Lead actor John David Washington in acting, Robert Pattinson in supporting, and Kenneth Branagh as a villain did very well. I personally liked Robert Pattinson’s performance more than any other actor in his particular role. Dimple Kapadia’s entry in the film also surprises you, and in terms of the story, he has been given the role of relatively appropriate screen time. Whenever you watch this movie, understand that you are going to see a difficult thing. It may not be considered one of Christopher Nolan’s good works in the future.


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TENET review and comments

Probably said after watching “Interstellar”, “We are lucky to be alive in the age of Christopher Nolan, and we can see his amazing and wonderful masterpiece movies.”

The film Tenet says, “Try to feel it more than you understand it.” And if you will really try to understand the film, one or two things are not explained but confused. (In some places this may seem like its second part will come). Nolan’s films are debatable. But if they are discussed, different arguments. Almost all the puzzles are solved through scientific and fiction justifications. This film, however, looks a bit more questionable. (More by topic, by offer). Freaking out time and reality is Nolan’s favourite subject anyway. From the trailer, it was already clear that it is not a matter of time travelling, but of reversing time.

In the simplest example, it is as if time is moving from one point to another and at the same time reversing from the second point to the first point. How you get in between and what you have to do will be known only by watching this movie. Anyway a perfect movie (TENET 2020) for fans of action movies and Nolan’s filmmaking. Separate the Dark Knight Trilogy from the fact that its level is different. What number will be placed on this list now is up to those who watch and like this movie? The movie industry, however, began with the big movie of a great director.

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