SolidWorks vs Solid Edge

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SolidWorks is very useful for engineers especially mechanical engineers. Before this kind of software engineers have to spend a lot of time in order to just draw the 2D image of a product and with the help of this SolidWorks software, we can also make a 3D view of an object even in less time of drawing sheet. CAD software does not only saves our precious time but also helps us in order to make our product accurate and sustainable.


I have a solid modeling computer-based design (CAD) and a computer support engine (CAE) program that runs on Microsoft Windows. From an academic point of view, solid work is studied in almost every university to its Mechanical student. SolidWorks is easy to use and also have a smart dimension command. We can also give material to our product on this software. Simulation of a beam or a bar under load can also be made through this software. In the making of many Engine components, Solid works are also used to make and design a part efficient.

Solid Edge

This is a 3D code, parametric feature (history based) and compatible technology is solid modeling software. It runs on Microsoft Windows and offers concrete modeling, assembly modeling, and 2D orthographic graph functionality for mechanical designers. Through its third-party app, many other products are linked to Lifestyle Management (PLM) technology.

Solid Edge is available in classical or premium. In addition to mechanical and electrical writing software, the “premium” package includes all the features of “Classic” and powerful engineering simulation capabilities for CE (computer-based engineering).

Solid Edge SolidWorks is a direct competition to PTC CEOs and auto-insulator.


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