Signal becomes most downloaded app in January

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In the first three weeks of January, Signal gained more than 7.5 million users worldwide, while Telegram gained more than 25 million followers during the same period.
Since revealing a new privacy policy that was not viewed well in a global society, WhatsApp has lost millions of followers. If they did not approve the revised terms and conditions, WhatsApp threatened to block users’ accounts. Since then, in the face of the backlash, the organization has postponed enforcing the privacy policies, but it has already led the company to lose millions of followers.
According to App Annie’s figures, WhatsApp went from the most downloaded app in the UK at the beginning of January to the 23rd spot in just 12 days. Meanwhile, by January 9, one of the rival applications, i.e., Signal, became the most downloaded app. Due to the backlash, WhatsApp has postponed the application of the privacy policy until May 15.
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