PS5 vs Xbox Series X: Which one is better?

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PS5 and Xbox Series X are the two upcoming gaming consoles respectively by Sony and Microsoft which are expected to release in the 2020 Holidays – November or December. Most of the people want to know which one has better performance and for which option they should go as they are expected to release in almost the same price tag. By looking at the design of both consoles, PS5 has a very impressive look which looks like a rounded black rectangle, surrounded by two white fins that almost converge in a downward triangular pattern. On the other hand, Xbox Series X design is a little bit conservative which resembles a vertical tower PC having black colored chassis.

Comparison b/w PS5 and Xbox Series X:

Now to decide which console has better performance, let’s take a look at specifications of both consoles so that comparison can be made easily.

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The comparison suggests that Xbox Series X is slightly more powerful and offers more performance and graphics because of more powerful GPU and CPU but the difference is not tremendous. Although Xbox Series X offers 12 teraflops which are more as compared to PS5 that offers 10.28 teraflops but it does not mean that every single game will take full advantage of it. It will depend on how well the game is optimized. Both of the consoles have built-in SSDs which means that games will load faster as compared to their previous versions but Xbox Series X has slightly more storage space.

Virtual Reality:

One plus point of PS5 is that it is fully compatible with PlayStation VR Headset which will take the gaming experience to the next level. On the other hand, Microsoft has no plan for Xbox Series X compatible VR headset which means that they are not interested in this technology.

Backward Compatibility:

Microsoft’s approach is more solid in terms of backward compatibility as Microsoft promised that all the Xbox One games will work on Xbox Series X. The Smart Delivery system of Microsoft ensured that if you previously bought games for Xbox one, it will also available for Xbox Series X with better gaming experience i.e. 4K @ 120 FPS but 4K gaming experience might not be available for all Xbox one games. On the other hand, Sony’s approach is less concrete. The PS5 will use some kind of universalized software to run PS4 games on the PS5. Games purchased for PS4 will also be available to download and run on PS5 but currently, Sony tested only Top 100 PS4 games for PS5 but claimed that more PS4 games will be available for PS5 near launch date.


Both the PS5 and Xbox Series X controllers strongly resemble their predecessor but PS5 new Dual Sense controller has some exciting features. The haptic feedback triggering system in the PS5 controller allows the trigger’s resistance to being changed depending on the situation. For instance, the resistance of the trigger will change according to the conditions of the road surface. PS5 controller also has a built-in microphone which will enable you to communicate with your crew members during gaming.

Final Verdict:

If the best performance console is your priority, then you should definitely go for Xbox Series X due to slightly more CPU and GPU performance, and also more SSD storage as compared to PS5. If your priority is based on the best design, VR compatibility and more controller features, then you should go for PS5.





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