LinkedIn introduces 3 new features to company pages

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LinkedIn has introduced three new features to the company pages available worldwide. The addition of new features will help the businesses to remain connected with their communities. These features address the shift of work digitally due to the Covid-19 situation.

Connection Gap

LinkedIn referred to a study which says that people are feeling less connected in the pandemic situation. A recent glint survey discloses that there is:

  •  Less interconnection with leaders, as reported by 31% of employees.
  •  Experience of reduced connection with the teammates, as reported by 37% of employees.
  •  Less interaction with the friends, as reported by 40% of employees.

Keeping in view the above survey results along with the possibility of working of businesses remotely until 2021, LinkedIn introduces these new features to bridge the connection gap.

New Features

The updates added, helps the page admins to connect with their followers, highlight upcoming events, and gain new insight about their followers. Followings are the recently added new features on the company pages by the LinkedIn:

1. View page followers:

Unlike the other social media platforms, LinkedIn didn’t provide the insight of the pages. There was the only aggregate of followers and necessary demographic information for the page runners.

By the addition of view page followers feature, admins can now see the individual followers. The page admins now have access to all the public information of the follower. Admins can even sort the followers concerning current company, industry and location.

According to LinkedIn administration:

“This provides the transparency needed to understand audiences better, so organizations can more easily share the right content and build their LinkedIn community around the conversations that matter most.”

2. My Company:

This new tab My Company is added so that employees can connect while working remotely. Employees can engage and celebrate their accomplishments on this tab.

The new features in My Company tab include the followings:

  • Highlighting employee milestones (promotions, anniversaries, new hires, etc.)
  • Trending content from coworkers.
  • Recommendations to connect with people you may know at your company.

This feature will only be available to pages with more than 201 employees, which is determined by the “company size” attribute.

3. Events:

Since the Coronavirus outbreak, physical events are not possible, and hence the virtual events are the future. Virtual events are going to be successful, at least until the virus is there. However, it isn’t easy to find about these events as compared to in-person event discovery. Linked In is including a new tab named as Events to avoid difficulty.

The events tab will automatically show the past, present or coming events of the company or business. The event can be conference, webinar or even panel discussion. The new tab appears on the left-hand navigation menu of LinkedIn pages, making it easy for people to discover all the events of your company.


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