Is Apple developing foldable IPhone?

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According to Bloomberg, which has stated that the Apple company is reportedly developing foldable screen prototypes to test internally, Apple could eventually be working on a foldable IPhone. But it sounds like that the concept finalized by Apple for an IPhone Flip may be coming but may take years.
The suspected IPhone Flip speculated for a long time, but we haven’t known any about what may have been internal discussions so far. Apple has been tinkering with various foldable screen sizes from the study’s looks, most of which are unspecified apart from one that unfolds to a scale comparable to the 6.7-inch monitor of the IPhone 12 Pro Max.

In other words, the particular concept sounds more like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, a foldable clamshell that stretched to the size of a standard smartphone. It folded with half the footprint to a slim shape twice as thick.

But, whatever it winds up being, the IPhone Flip or foldable may not ‘be’ at all: the testing may never result in a product launched on the market, the study indicates. It’s impossible to completely replace the main iPhone line, even though it does.
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