Google redesigning search look on mobiles

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Google is redesigning its search section on smartphones. The redesigning is happening to give it a new look and make it easy for users to discover what they are searching for. In a blog post, the search giant shared the creation with insights from the artist who led the graphic overhaul. Mobile Google search redesign would encourage users to concentrate on the results, make it easy to read the text, have an edge-to-edge interface, use color more intensely, and feel bubblier and bouncer.
It’s challenging to reinvent the graphic interface for something like Searching. Given how much Google Search has grown, that is particularly true. We’re not only arranging the information from the site but all the information from the globe, said Aileen Cheng, a Google designer who led the graphic redesign of Google Search on smartphones. In the coming days, the team will test out the redesign.
The blog addresses five main elements of the redesign, including focusing on details, making text easy to read, providing more breathing space, using color to illustrate what’s important, and leaning into the feeling of Google. Redesigning Google Search would allow people to concentrate on the details and make browsing clearer and simpler instead of the interface elements. The text would be broader and bolder, with more significant outcomes and section names. Search will deepen Google’s use of its font.
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