Four Ways to Beat Procrastination

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It’s not uncommon to lose focus and valuable time to procrastinate. Our logical brains tell us to prepare for the test, but instead, we chose to distract ourselves with—literally anything. Don’t worry, it’s possible to beat procrastination in a fun way.

1. Treat yourself

Focusing is difficult, especially if the task at hand is reading a couple of chapters of a textbook or writing an essay. Treat yourself with interim rewards every time you accomplish a task. Need reward ideas? Go watch a short YouTube video after writing one paragraph, eat a few gummy bears after reading a page, or listen to a song.

2. Tag team

Teamwork makes the dream work (no, this does not mean you can take a group nap). Find a studious friend to study with you and keep you accountable. You can take breaks together and help each other stay on track. Even with social distancing, you can hold each other accountable virtually.

3. Learn to say no

There’s power in the word: ‘no.’ The word ‘no’ has proven to yield more focused, stress-free work hours. “Do you want to hang out?” No. “Can you do me a quick favor?” No. It’s okay to shift your complete focus to your academics for a night or two. Everything else can wait. Saying ‘no’ is just one way of disarming distractions.

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4. Take control of your learning

Don’t let procrastination slow you down! Do whatever it takes to take you to the finish line. If you need inspiration or help to focus, visit your favorite essay writing service to view samples or even get your essay edited

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