Facebook launches its TikTok copycat on Instagram

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Mark Zuckerberg- CEO of Facebook, launches its copy of TikTok on Instagram. The photo-sharing app is launching the product across 50 different countries worldwide. It is happening just a week later when Mr. Zuckerberg has defended his company’s copycat policies in front of United States lawmakers in a hearing.

Reels for Instagram

This product allows the videos of about 15 seconds long along with the music. Just like TikTok, people will be able to make music videos trough this product. This product goes by the name of “Reels.” Like the Instagram story, a concept from other rival companies, this concept is also copied one.

It is not the first attempt to challenge the TikTok. Several apps were introduced in the market but failed to compete with TikTok. Lasso by Facebook is one of them that is closed last month after failing to gain an audience.

Application Future

As there is tension going on between U.S and China, President Trump and officials have threatened to ban the TikTok app. TikTok may halt in the U.S or sale to a U.S owner can happen. Trump has warned that TikTok may have gathered information about Americans. However, China’s government has continuously rejected these allegations.

The current scenario may help the Facebook company product to gain the audience and get profit. The pressure by Trump and officials has turned the TikTok video-makers to redirect the audience to their Instagram to avoid any loss. Reels luck may get better due to these circumstances.

Product Head Interview

The product head at Instagram said that “Facebook has already released Reels in other countries — including India, after TikTok’s government ban there. We had the sense that the product had a lot of potentials, and we learned quickly that that was resonating with people.”

He further adds that “Reels videos will show up in the Instagram Explore tab, where people can see content from accounts they aren’t already following. The benefit of building Reels within Instagram is the existing network of more than 1 billion users.”

It’s more challenging to get people to download a new app than use one they already own. Reels will also give Instagram users a unique opportunity to get famous, beyond the following they already have.

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