Facebook is introducing new tools for advertisements

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Facebook is introducing new tools for advertisements:

Facebook is working to introduce new tools to control the type of topics shown in advertisements. On Friday, Facebook said it would soon begin to build on its app topic exclusion controls to allow marketers more flexibility to filter out the type of media from running alongside their advertising.

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The new controls will help Facebook advertisers to filter the content to show in their ads. It will help control the racism or other religious abuse advertisements from Facebook. There were a lot of complaints coming due to discrimination or religious comments shown in the advertisements. It urges Facebook to introduce new tools for advertisements.

In the aftermath of racial unrest sparked by May 25 due to the killing of African American George Floyd in Minneapolis by Police’s hands, Facebook has underscored its moves to stem racism.

A spokesperson said that we invest billions of dollars each year to keep our community safe and continuously working with outside experts to review and update our policies.

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