Effects of COVID-19

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Once originated, the pandemic known as Corona Virus or COVID-19 has affected the lives, since the start. The streets that were used to be filled with people are empty now. The roads that remained busy with heavy traffic are clear with few vehicles moving around. Life has turned to a different level from as it used to be before that.

Lockdowns and Economy

This pandemic situation has significantly effected the living style of people. The people are bound in their homes. Every affected country has imposed lock-down to slow down the impact of this virus and to stop its spread. Due to lock-downs, the economy has fallen. The countries whose economy was weak, are facing a lot of trouble due to this as their economy is falling more rapidly now. Even the developed countries like the USA and UK have suffered a lot from the economic point of view.


As the industries were closed, the labor was sent home. No one was available for work in this challenging situation. There was uncertainty in the environment. All these circumstances have made unemployment to rise. The people became unemployed during the lock-downs. The poor people from developing countries faced a lot of problems due to unemployment. So, poverty has increased in those countries.


The biggest effect of this virus has on life is the deaths of the near and dear ones. As it is clear how much this virus has affected the lives of people emotionally, physically, and financially. The governments of each country are trying its best to beat this pandemic situation.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has also provided its guidelines to take several steps to control the spread of this virus. Despite all the arrangements and steps taken, the death rate and spread of this virus are high in some of the countries, while some countries have succeeded in slowing down its spread. Everyone is hopeful and prays that this difficult time will end soon, and life will be normal again in the near future.


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