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Evidence of Planet in Another Galaxy

Evidence of Planet in Another Galaxy

The astronomers have found the first-ever evidence of a planet in another galaxy. The astronomers detected thousands of worlds since exoplanet 1992. According to astronomers, Milky Way is full of planets. Now astronomers have found the first candidate planet in another galaxy. There is an estimation of 40 billion worlds in the Milky Way by …

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3-D Printing Inside Human Body to Treat Stomach Ulcers

3-D printing is a modern manufacturing technique and considered as the “second industrial revolution”. It now moved far beyond creating prototypes, toys, and rapid tooling. Medical sciences use this technology to create artificial cardiovascular structures and other patient-specific bio models. One out of the eighth person is affected by stomach ulcers. Medical scientists are now …

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AutoCAD AutoCAD is also a computer-aided software. There are many commands used in AutoCAD. The most common commands are; revolve command, fillet command, extrude command, offset command, array command, copy command, move command and many other commands are provided above the screen on the toolbar. Auto cad is very easing to use and mostly used …

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CATIA vs Creo

CATIA 3D CATIA 3D is a multi-platform software suite for computer-based design (CAA), computer-based manufacturing (CA), computer-based engineering (CAE), PLM, and 3D that leads to the French company. CATIA 3D provides electronic, electronic magnetic, and distributed system design services such as liquid and HVAC systems to develop documents for manufacturing. Software behavior uses the open …

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PDMS vs NX Software

PDMS PDMS software abbreviation is  (plant design management system) because PDMS software is known in the 3D industry, it is a custom, multi-user and multi-discipline, engineering, design, and construction projects in foreign and coastal areas. PDMS Engineers, along with all the design and product management, PDMS modernizes 3D design 3D capabilities, productivity, and performance on …

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Ansys vs Abaqus

Ansys Ansys is one of the important software in the field of mechanical engineering. Simulation of a product after designing can also be done with the help of this software. With the help of this software, we can identify the most stress-bearing point in an object, and then we can add some strong material at …

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YoWhatsapp YoWA

YoWhatsapp YoWA

The most often used chatting app available on the play store is Whatsapp. Whatsapp, used for chatting and contacting an individual or even a group as well. It also allows you to put statuses. It is not only used by ordinary people but also by companies or businesses for professional use. In short, it is …

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