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Four Ways to Beat Procrastination

It’s not uncommon to lose focus and valuable time to procrastinate. Our logical brains tell us to prepare for the test, but instead, we chose to distract ourselves with—literally anything. Don’t worry, it’s possible to beat procrastination in a fun way. 1. Treat yourself Focusing is difficult, especially if the task at hand is reading a …

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Thermowell and its Explanation

Thermowell According to the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM), the thermowell is a reentrant tube with closed ends, which can encase the sensor. These devices are equipped with features that ensure tight attachment to a vessel. The thermowell acts as a barrier between the sensing element and the process medium. It protects the sensing …

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AdSense Approval for your website

How to get Google AdSense Approval for your website in 2021?

You might have read multiple posts on how to to get your website approved for Google Adsense. But it’s a different post, in which I will discuss some points that are usually ignored by web publishers. Let’s begin with the question, what AdSense actually is? What is Google Adsense? Google AdSense is a program run …

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Three Great Fruitful Apps

The flywheel effect is an amazing thing. You know how when you ride a bicycle, the first few pumps of the pedal are always the hardest? Then it gets easier, as you build momentum and the energy from your previous hard work combines to let you casually pedal around. Fruitful apps and software can have …

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TENET 2020 (Christopher Nolan)- Review & Summary

The term TENET (2020) is used to describe the greatest principle of a paradigm. Tenet movie is a new mind-blowing cinema masterpiece by the living legend of a Christopher Nolan. TENET (2020) by Christopher Nolan I almost understood the interstellar movie after watching it twice, and I have to watch it three times to understand …

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Different ways of being Relaxed

There are different ways for a person to being relaxed. Don’t forget to take care of yourself during stressful times and be relax. With a worldwide pandemic and an ever-changing news cycle, 2020 has been hard on everyone. Here are many manageable strategies that may help you in relaxation, connection, and motivation during these trying …

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How Dark Matter would look like?

How Dark Matter would look like?

Dark matter comprises 85% of matter in the universe. Until now, all the efforts for the detection of dark matter on Earth remain unsuccessful. As dark matter doesn’t interact with light, it is not possible to see it. The biggest challenge for astronomers, who study dark matter, is how to learn the invisible thing. The …

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