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AutoCAD is also a computer-aided software. There are many commands used in AutoCAD. The most common commands are; revolve command, fillet command, extrude command, offset command, array command, copy command, move command and many other commands are provided above the screen on the toolbar. Auto cad is very easing to use and mostly used software in the designing of the 3D world.

We can also make different views of the 3D objects with the help of auto cad. Usually, orthographic projection is being made by this. The front view, top view and side view of a 3D object can easily be made with the help of auto cad by just click on a single command. In the aerospace industry and in the shipbuilding industry this software is widely used and well known all over the world.

Auto cad is also used in 3D modeling of an object. For 3D designing we have different 3D commands that are extruded command, revolve command, union command, fillet command, cut through command. We can also color our required part with any color. Continuous orbit command is also used in order to get the minor and minor detail of a 3D object. We can also measure the dimension of any required part with the dimension command. The relative and absolute coordinate can also be used for designing.


Iron-CAD is a 3-D software and 2-D CAD (computer-aided design) software focusing mainly on the mechanical design and operating on Microsoft Windows.

Iron-CADis the focal point for 3-D CAD design using custom art. Users are planning 3D products using different methodologies by dragging and dropping shapes and components from 3D catalogs to create parts and assemblies. Then use these properties to communicate with other users in the design process using 3-D models and 2-D images. It also uses direct correction and allows the integration of features and visuals directly into the same section.

In the dialog box, you can select a metric or English unit template to start your work. The Access Toolbar is fast accessing the top of the screen, with the opening of the file, creating a new part, keeping the file, installing part or organization, importing or exporting parts, and more. In this case, Iron-CAD is a display indicator of a regular bond bar, which includes instructions by Feature, Sketch, Surface, Assembly, Sheet Metal, and so on.



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