Apple’s “Apple Watch series 6” and iPad “Time Flies” launch event will be on September 15

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Announced via a press release on Tuesday, Apple will hold its special event at 10 A.M Pacific Time, on September 15. The event is likely to be similar to its WWDC keynote in that it is going to be online, rather than an on-stage experience with a massive live audience.

The event is a continuation of Apple’s trend of unveiling the next-generation iPhone models in September. Although it will take place at the Steve Jobs Theater, a building on the campus of Apple Park, it is uncertain if the presentation will be streamed live or if it will be a pre-filmed and edited clip.

What to expect at the Apple Event 


The event is likely to launch a new iPad device, either taking the form of a 10.8-inch iPad or an “iPad Air 4.” Fitted with slimmer bezels and a wider display, the new model is thought to borrow the design elements of the iPad Pro range for its case, and to drop the front-mounted Home button with Touch ID in favour of either Touch ID on the power button or Face ID support.

Continuing where the iPad Pro range left off, there is also some speculation Apple will ditch the Lightning port in favour of a USB-C connection.

Apple Watch Series 6

It is believed that the “Apple Watch Series 6” contains a new plastic casing option, which may potentially be a new entry-level version that could be used by children in a so-called “Kid Mode.” A frequently suggested feature of blood oxygen monitoring could appear, while improvements could help to embolden the enhanced sleep tracking features of watchOS 7.

Apple’s Air Tags

Finally, the frequently-rumoured “AirTags” finally will see the light of day at the event. The “AirTags,” intended as a Tile-like tracking accessory, would be attachable to non-electronic objects, and trackable via the Find My app.

Key to “AirTags” is its use of both Ultra-Wideband and Bluetooth, which could allow an augmented reality-style view to monitor the real-world location of the tag within the app. In addition, UWB could also allow tags to be monitored further, taking advantage of passing iPhones that could report back pings from the “AirTag” and the location of the iPhone when it received the signals.

WIll iPhone12 also be Unveiled on the Event?

A new set of reports say that the September 15 event for Apple is for the “Apple Watch Series 6,” and that the “iPhone 12” will not be revealed before October.

Following Apple’s announcement of a September 15 event, a new report says it is intended to include exclusively the unveiling of the latest “Apple Watch Series 6.” Although Apple’s September events usually include both a latest Apple Watch and a new iPhone, the claim is that the “iPhone 12” launch is postponed until October.J


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