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3D Modeling Software

In this article, we wrote about the literature review of different CAD software. In mechanical design, we need software’s in order to simulate and check the validity of our product so that we can make our products sustainable and reliable. There are different limitations and advantages of each CAD software on its own. Everyone has some unique features that make it peculiar among all. In this assignment, we briefly describe some CAD software’s that helps in 3D modeling of a product including Iron CAD, PDMS, CATIA, SolidWorks, Solid Edge, Ansys, Auto-CAD, Abaqus, Creo, Inventor, and NX. All these software helps in 3D modeling of a product.


CAD is an abbreviation of Computer-Aided Design. There are many software’s that fall under this category. Computer-aided design software actually designs a product with the help of a computer inaccurate size.

This software is very useful for engineers especially mechanical engineers. Before this kind of software engineers have to spend a lot of time in order to just draw the 2D image of a product and with the help of this software, we can also make a 3D view of an object even in less time of drawing sheet. CAD software does not only saves our precious time but also helps us in order to make our product accurate and sustainable.

Computer-aided design helps us to convert our imagination into a 3D model that helps in understanding very well. With the help of this software, we can save our money and machining time. This software can also help in the selection of material and can tell us whether an object will be preferable for a specific task or not. And with the help of results obtained from that software, we can also minimize our errors and can make our products better than better.

  1. Iron-CAD
  2. CATIA
  3. PDMS
  4. SolidWorks
  5. Solid Edge
  6. Ansys
  7. Abaqus
  8. AutoCAD
  9. Creo
  10. NX

As we see every software almost has the same features with a little bit of modification. There are also some limitations for some software’s like auto cad can not simulate a beam or can not tell us stress on each node of a beam. Similarly, computational fluid dynamics problems cannot be solved with the help of solid works. Every software has its own unique features that are compatible with the users. So which software is best is basically based upon the requirement and the user state of mind that how it feels easy to work with that software.



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