3 Websites to Download Ebooks for free Without Signing Up

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If you’re looking for a good read, look no further than these three websites to download free ebooks! I have gathered some of the best sites on the internet where you can find books in all genres, for all ages. And the interesting part is you don’t need to sign up or register at these sites to download your favorite E-Books. Whether you’re into mystery novels or biographies, science or engineering ebooks, there’s something for everyone on these sites. So go ahead and download your next favorite book today!

Here’s a list of sites/libraries from where you can easily download Ebooks for free without any signup.

  1. Library Genesis (Libgen)
  2. Z-Library
  3. Internet Archive

1- Library Genesis 

It is one of the largest collections of ebooks you can find on the internet. It now holds over three million books and 60 million articles in its database. To read everything on this menu would take several years.

LIbGen SS DigiWorlde

The best thing about this site is that it does not ask for any registration fee. In addition, you don’t need to enter any details for registration, no need to sign up at all. You can simply use the links to download the books.

However, its interface is not user-friendly at all. If you directly go to the site and start searching for the Ebook, there are chances, you won’t be able to find it. Initially, the search is set to default, you need to change it. Change it to search in Title fields, Authors fields, or ISBN. Sometimes, you may not get a book by its title, but if you try searching it using the Author’s name, that would bring fruitful results.

Library Genesis only lets you download Ebooks in PDF, in EPUB format. You cannot preview the books, however, sometimes the cover page of the book is accessible. This site is quite helpful for researchers, engineering and medical students since it has a huge pool of scientific articles and books on Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Literature, Education, Engineering, Medical, Art, Housekeeping, Social Sciences, Psychology, Economy, COmputers, Linguistics, History, Jurispendence, etc. In short, you can possibly download a book on every field.

2- Z-Library

Similar to Library Genesis, it is another one of the largest resources of ebooks, and articles. As per their official stats, their site contains more than 10 million books and 80 million articles. You will romantic novels to engineering and medical book. In short, every kind of book is available to be downloaded.

Z-Library SS DigiWorlde

From this great pool of books, all you have to search and find the one that your a looking for. Its search bar offers you to search books by name, author, and ISBN. The books are available in PDF, EBUP, Mobi, and azw3 format. However, like Lib gen, the book cannot be read online. You can just download it with registration or logging in to the site.

EPUB can be converted to a readable PDF format, but it will take a separate post to explain all that conversion.

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3- Internet Archive

The third website on our list is the Internet Archive, the largest American resource of all kinds of information. It not only contains books, but all kinds of text, software, music, videos, and image. However, its books resource is quite huge compared to the two sites I just mentioned. It contains more than 35 million books contents.

Internet Archive SS DigiWorlde

On this site, you will find decades-old books, the ones that had any Ebook at that time.  The biggest advantage of this site is that you will get to read scanned copies of books that don’t have any online presence. This makes this site more worth it. Most Amazon KDPs are also available here.

The site gives you two options, you can download it or read it online. In addition, some books are not available for download, they need to be borrowed. For them, the site asks you to sign. 

If you visit the main Internet Archive and search book contents from there, you won’t need to sign from there.  However, if you go to the Internet Archive Open library, it will ask you to sign in to read the book.

Since the pool of text contents is very large, you may have difficulty finding the appropriate book. You will find multiple books with similar names. That you can say is a limitation for this site. Despite that, it is one of the sites where your book hunt might end.

Final Words

Multiple Ebook resources are available on the internet. Most of them require the user to first register on their site and then they can view or download EBooks. But these three sites give you the liberty to download any ebook for free even without signing up or registering.

Do you want to add more websites to this list? Or are you interested in knowing how to convert EPUB to PDF? Let me know in the comments.

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